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Fund Raising For Homeless

We are looking to raise $50,000 to shore up our budget for 2021.


You can receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit of up to $800 on your Arizona state income tax for making a charitable contribution to The Genesis Project. Taxpayers filing as single and unmarried head of household have a maximum credit amount of $400. Taxpayers that are filing as married filing joint have a maximum credit of $800.

How do I qualify? It’s simple!

You must itemize charitable contributions on your tax return. You must establish a baseline year for charitable contributions (1996 or later). The donation to Helping the Working Poor that exceeds charitable contributions in your baseline year is your tax credit. For example, if you itemized $100 to charity in your baseline year, you must give $100 to charity and then up to $200 to Helping the Working Poor. The amount you give above $100 is your tax credit.

How do I file for the credit?

You or your accountant complete a simple form, which is included with materials provided by the State of Arizona to all state tax filers, and send it along with your state tax return.

Get involved today and help be a part of the solution!

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